TLG Magazine issue launch @ Govanhill Baths.

"The Unit" - Glasgow 2012/13.

These photos are some of those I have taken over 2 years in 2012/13, not as the date imprinted on my camera suggests.

The Unit is/was an after party venue which held some of the greatest, loudest and longest after parties in Glasgow. Known by the partying elite and just about every taxi driver in Glasgow (incidentally some of the best secret keepers), The Unit helped beautifully blend the hours between chucking out time at the clubs and the shops opening to sell booze again.

It is difficult not to ramble on too much about this place without a certain amount of sentimentality but this place was wild. With such an eclectic crowd arriving each time some strange things have been seen going down here. Designed like an air raid shelter The Unit was broken into two rooms with extra plumbing added in the more recent years. You could dance to your hearts content in one, or fight for a seat to smoke cigarettes furiously in the other - meeting and greeting more and more of your friends upon entry, despite apparently all leaving the club at the same time. 

Plenty of big names have played in The Unit. Some lived to tell the tale of seeing them play and some artists might have been folklore but for the most part it was down to the residents, friends and familiar faces that kept the place bouncing. Fighting over who gets to play what, how many tracks each and trying to keep it techno, as always.

If you search the web enough you may find a mix or 2 recorded here, if I find any I will edit this post to include them as I know they are out there.

Sadly The Unit has since moved on from this premises but the after party spirit lives on.